Educational Options for Children with Autism

You'll have several choices when it comes to selecting a school for your child:

* Public schools: In many states, you can choose between public schools in your own school district, or even have your child attend a school in a different district.

* Charter or magnet schools: These institutions receive public funding and usually operate using a lottery. Some schools are specialized in developmental disabilities like autism.

* Private academies such as Revelation School of Florida: Receives Mc Kay Scholarships, we are accepting kids on the spectrum. We specialize in autism and other disabilities diagnoses. We also have therapeutic intervention such as individual, and neurofeedback therapy in a close by center with a referral to the Clinic. We encourage parents to educate their child at home, often with the assistance of therapists.

* Revelation is a non-public school-serving children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), ages 5to 21 years. We are a team of individuals dedicated to the goal of providing caring, comprehensive services with a commitment to a collaborative approach.

Please take time to review the qualities that make Revelation School of Florida a unique learning environment, including:

* A great environment for learning

* Providing Services to other Schools in the District of Miami –Dade

* Behavioral Consultations Provided MTC Autism Services

* Occupational and Speech Therapy available

* Socialization Training Program

* Music and Arts Program

* Movement Therapy using Martial Arts

* After School Program

* Tutoring Program

* One to one student to staff ratio

* Transportation Available by Special Arrangement

Positive Intervention

Group and classroom skills are targeted to support students for potential success in public school settings. Behavior excesses that interfere with a student's ability to acquire new skills or to remain productive in a classroom setting will be addressed through positive intervention programming, focused on prevention and the teaching of functionally equivalent alternate skills. Revelation School of Florida works with our students to maximize independent functioning in order to experience a higher quality of life.

Our Program

Revelation School of Florida Campus provides intensive, individualized educational programs developed for each student based on assessments to determine skill deficits, behaviors interfering with learning, and general adaptive functioning. The educational programs have a strong behavioral basis while addressing each individual through wide-ranging programming. Our program structure can be visualized as a pyramid that allows us to treat the ‘whole’ child, taking into consideration physical needs, relational and social-emotional skills, formal communication skills, prerequisite and advanced learning, and academic skills. Our overarching goal at Revelation School of Florida is to enable our students to learn to be as independent as possible while achieving program milestones to allow access to the least restrictive educational setting.

* Various assessments, curriculum, and teaching methodologies are combined to determine current levels of student functioning and to develop individualized goals and objectives for meeting unique areas of student need. Functional skills development is the primary focus for most students. In preparing each customized program, Revelation School of Florida refers to both State of Florida standards and the Special Education administrators in Miami Dade County offices to adapt standards for learners with challenges.

Program Placement

Placement of students at Revelation School of Florida Campus will be made through the joint cooperation of each student’s home district, the student's Individual Education Plan (IEP) Team, and Revelation School of Florida Campus. All students attending Revelation School of Florida Campus will enter with the ultimate goal of transitioning to a less restrictive environment. This transition will occur when the IEP Team reaches consensus that the student has achieved the agreed upon goals and possesses the skills to potentially be successful in another setting.

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Available Services

Public schools are legally required to provide special education services to children who meet diagnostic criteria and have a medical or educational label. These services may include:

Speech therapy
Occupational therapy
Physical therapy
Adaptive physical education
Special education

However, when comparing between schools, you may notice variation in the amount of service your child receives. Choose a program that meets your child's needs or negotiate with the school to be sure your child is receiving the necessary help.