Why Us?

1. We are establishing to serve students and achieve the level of required credits in order to maintain credibility and reputation in the educational community. Our school is consistent with the basic educational program that carries the traditional academic expectations of the department of education and we comply with the local and state laws requirements.

2. We have developed a course of study for the students in order to comply with the laws the State of Florida Department of Education; our academic course study fulfills the established traditional educational expectations of the educational community. Our instruction of the core curriculum is equivalent to one and two semesters of a school year for each school year.

3. Our core curriculum include: Math, English, Science, Social Studies and other electives that make up the course of study required for graduation standards in the State of Florida Department of Education.

3. We understand that in order to obtain the credit for coursework students must follow the scope and sequence of the educational standards of our school with reputable textbooks, work texts or computerized presentations designed for credit for the courses offered. Our academic curriculum is based on the testing, grading, and presentation of credit for core curriculum. Our Institution follows the guidelines of coursework that are the traditional methodology in teaching material.

5. We understand that the credit requirements for graduation from High School must comply with the course offering requirements of the State of Florida Department of Education guidelines for high school diploma.

6. We understand that we have to follow the Accreditation standards and these standards must be met on a yearly basis.


7. Our school follows accreditation standards and requirements of the accreditations association and their scope, purpose and all that is related with the requirements of that association. Our Institution follows the guidelines of the accreditation standards in order to be credible or believable to issue any diploma.

8. Our institution follows the guidelines to approve any diploma because we know the person earned it and our institution is fulfilling its stated purposes of the accreditation standards with integrity and excellence.

(ASIC) Accreditation Service For International Collages

(NAPS) National Accreditation Private Schools

(FCCPSA) Membership (Accreditation pending)

(FDE) Florida Department of Education

Educational Philosophy

Our main goal is to reach the youth and all who are in need of a required academic education. That we may project the Love of God and identify similar values in people and is for this reason, we longed and worked hard to impact the communities, see the different diversity around us that form a part of the world and also share the same goals together in one mind with a broad spectrum.


Our mission is to work in partnership with students, parents, and members of the community to provide the best educational opportunities to all students in a safe environment that enables them to meet the challenges of their future and become lifelong learners. This Program will help students accomplish their admission into community colleges and technical schools or state universities.


Our vision is to focus on the traditional educational methodologies in order to achieve an academic program that satisfies the requirements of the State of Florida educational system. We offer the required and specified courses in order to maintain a cumulative grade point average of a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale with a grade scale that will earn at least a 3.0 or its equivalent required credits for the college preparatory program.


Dr. Narciso H Montas





Assistant Principal

Rose Marie Melendez

Chief Administrator