Sec. Jenifer Martinez

Sec. Jenifer Martinez

Registrar’s Officer

Secretary Ms. Jennifer Martinez with a calm personality and good communication skills, greets our visitors and vetting calls, she coordinates the principal or school administrator’s busy calendar. Her day is usually dedicated to a variety of clerical and support functions that benefit the school’s teaching staff, its administrative team and the school’s students. She happily will assist you. The ability to combine pieces of information to implement educational records., (Includes information for academic documentation, transcripts, etc.) knowledge of principles, processes for providing educational and personnel services for the evaluation of student’s records. My main duty is the comprising of the student file and records, communication, and alternative ways to inform via written, oral, and visual media in order to complement job performance. Knowledge of Microsoft PowerPoint technology spreadsheet software — Microsoft Excel and photocopiers equipment to print documentation needed for any student record.


10658 SW 186th St, Miami, FL 33157

Phone : 305 969 9448
Fax: 305 969 9748

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