Dr. Narciso Montas


‘‘Without Education we are empty’ and knowledge is the tool for logic and reasoning; we become obsolete if we do not emphasize on education”. Education is guided by the spirit of love giving to the social spectrum, rather than an individual competition to be at the service of mankind”.


Revelation School of Florida High School is compromised to pursue your dreams, as they become a reality in the world you live in. As educators and professionals in the academic world we have to establish goals and objectives in order to achieve these dreams. It may not be all that easy at times, but if we implement the necessary tools and ingredients we can accomplish these dreams, reach milestones and pursue your education as you grow and mature. Furthermore, learning to be a responsible individual contributes towards society, and overall, we need to have determination, respect, and perseverance.

24 CREDIT Program

This program includes the traditional 24 credits in the subject areas THAT ARE REQUIRED BY THE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION such as English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Practical Reading, and Comprehension Skills. Our program has the 24- credits required by the State of Florida and satisfied the minimum standards for admission into Florida’s, community colleges and technical schools or state universities. For those who are interested obtaining the High school Diploma program can achieve this program by attending our regular school schedules, virtual, or correspondence school. This program is also available to anybody who needs to complete the high school diploma program or additional credits in the State of Florida and abroad.


Our academic program focuses on the traditional educational methodologies, which are the requirements of the State of Florida educational system. All students must still earn a specific grade point average on a 3.00 or less scale to achieve passing scores. This Program has the complete academic areas required by the department of education in order achieve a high school diploma and continue your education. The student can prepare themselves with the required in specified courses in order to maintain a cumulative grade point average of a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale with a grade that will earn at least a 3.0 or its equivalent required credits for the college preparatory program.


If you are the parent of a student who needs to apply to college, university, the military, or a technical school, this program will give your son or daughter the opportunity to join their college or university of their choice. We have designed a high school program that that will enable them to further their goals as they achieve a post secondary plan for their education. Our school provides the educational tools to help students and their families as they plan and prepare for post-secondary goals. This program covers the traditional 24-credit program includes the academic courses to prepare students for their future academic and career choice.


Revelation 3:20 Missionary Ministry and Biblical Teachings, Inc. (Revelation 3:20 MMBT), was founded and directed by its President, Dr. Narciso H. Montás. Established as a Christian Church, this institution was looking to extend throughout South Florida, not only as a Church but also as a High School who believe that by depending on the grace of God and our representation here on earth we as a Christian institution could reach endless possibilities in reaching out to the community needs.

Our main goal is to reach the youth at risk and all who are in need of an academic education so that we may provide these tools in the Love of God. It is for this reason; we have worked hard to be identified as a Christian institution with values to impact the lives of the community at large. Today, we serve a diverse population within our communities that are situated in the greater South Miami; FL. Our foundation is education, which will allow us to extend God’s love at the same time that we can help out with their acquiring a High School Diploma.

Therefore, Revelation School of Florida is created to perform and to serve this purpose. Acknowledging that education is the key to success and that once graduated, students would be enriched in furthering their educational goals, within Ministry, but also in the secular world businesses. Our goal is to serve our community with a prominent and exclusive program that will enhance the quality of life within our society.

Our distinguished Board of Trustees is comprised of prominent citizens who have made significant contributions within our society, raising community efforts to the realization that in continued education lays the key to success, and one that is totally committed to the quality of education we strive to provide.